Suicide and Labels

“Every forty, seconds someone in the world dies by suicide. Every forty seconds someone is left behind to cope with the loss.”

Above is from Niven’s note in her book called All the Bright Places.

Suicide is selfish. It really is. But putting labels and not accepting reality is more selfish in a land of specie called human beings.

I was just browsing for good books to read and bump into Niven’s first teen-adult masterpiece. I didn’t thought it would be an eye-opener for me. I realized that I didn’t know enough about people having suicidal tendencies and where they are coming from. Further, I’ve learn more about people who can’t accept change and resist to welcome acceptance in times of loss, pain and disappointment.

It is also told in this story about putting labels on others and being so worried as well about the labels being put on us. In one way or another, all of us is guilty of both. Such a bitter thought playing on my mind that humans are indeed selfish and brute. But it is good to note that even though the book brought a dash of bitter perspective to readers or to me in particular, All the Bright Places still shines as it also reminds me to “Keep climbing. You’re mountain is waiting for you.”

No matter what life brings – pain, loss, labels put on us, labels we put onto others, keep on moving and of course “Speak up. Help is out there.” , Niver wrote.

The thought that there are people out there who are willing to listen and to help pumps my spirit up – adding a cup of sweetness. This world still has its beauty because of good and willing to be good people. We all have equal right to have a chance to live in bright places.

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

I owe Jennifer Niven a kind of wonderful learning. I have this feeling that I have to pay her back by sharing her book.

P.S. Every teen, adult or parent who has suicidal tendency or dealing with people who have one has to read All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven.  It’s a help-book put into art. It will not fail you.

Cheers to all the bright places in this weary world!

Imma C. Daguman


We do the same. We taste the same.

We walk, we run, we crawl, we climb. We all struggle to have a taste of freedom and happiness but not everyone has the will to endure the pain because some fear to go further – to that unknown ‘further’.

Not everyone believes in rainbow after the rain. Some thought if it could rain hard, it could rain harder.

Life is bitter sweet as they said. If you don’t embrace yourself to its bitterness, and handle its taste, you cannot appreciate its sweetness.

Life is actually sweet. The bitterness is just a twist to make it exciting to live by.



Don’t give up. Enjoy the taste of life. Enjoy the sun when its shining. Enjoy the rain when its raining. Rain or shine, it will always be fun when you reach the top.


Have a happy life! Live free! 🙂

Mt. Marami – Do the Impossible

I remember one of the things Scott from ‘Live Your Legend’ said, do the impossible. I can do trekking and long haul walks, yes. But mountain climbing is a bit vague. I don’t have that lean body and I have Iscoliosis so climbing a steep trail carrying a heavy backpack is…. Is what? Impossible? No, I don’t think it is, (brave little girl here) but I must admit it is not easy for me to do mountain climbing. It’s not easy as I imagine it.

Yes it is difficult but possible.

I’m gonna make this impossible possible. I joined a friend’s group of hikers.

 Mt. Marami’s peak. View from campsite.

Lesson #1. Learn the hard way. A night hike of almost 5 hours. Woah! Really? Will I dive into that? But I did. We commuted for 4 hours to jump-off site. Then started the climb at 12:30 midnight. We reached campsite by 4:30 or 4:40 in the morning. The sun is about to rise and kiss our cheeks to a good morning vibes. (I would like to thank the inventor of flashlight and contact lens.) this kind of climb is not easy for a first-timer. The fact that it is a night hike plus the no easy trail, it is absolutely hard for me. Anyways, learning the hard way is better, so no complaining here. Hi to all easy-trail mountains there! Let me think if I would climb you. Just kidding! Lol.

Lesson #2. It’s the climb. Now that I am here at the foot of this mountain, I Fight! So easy for me to say that when my energy is at its peak. While the team is going up to reach the peak, my energy is going down. Small step, big step, climb up and down, stones, mud, animal poop, bushes, grasses, insects, those plants slapping my face and arms as I pass through them, crossing the river, hopping on river stones, wide trail, steep trail, high-wide trail, high-steep trail all those stuff – making this climb like an action filled drama movie. In every movie, there’s an adversity. Until, my heart is beating unusually fast, I can’t breathe, I’m losing energy, I need to stop. Yes fellow hikers pls stop in the name of saving my life. I refuel then climb again. Climbing has several twists and curves. Again, I can’t breathe, feels like dying. Refuel. Again, fight and keep moving. Then.. Ooops! I slipped closer to a cliff. Too close I am still alive. Haha. Who cares if I stumble and fall, if I am all sweating, bruised, if I look like a zombie in the midst of woods. The fact is, the absolutely amazing fantastic crazy wonderful fact is, I reached the summit and went home safe and sound. I SURVIVED. It’s all about.. it’s all about the climb. (You’re singing the song.)

  Summit. Sitting on the edge of the rock.

Lesson #3. We always have a choice.  Time and again, I will tell you that this climb is very difficult for me. My body did not whisper to my mind to quit for a single time, because it is whispering the same for like hundred times! Oh my gosh I swear, and I’m dead serious with this statement, “FEELS LIKE I’M DYING!”. I actually doubt myself if I can still go on. I Have choices that time, a. Continue the climb b. stay on my current location and wait for them to come back c. Go down, alone. See? Life has lots of choices. Considering that I have gone far, it is in the middle of the night, and Ive already started the climb, spent time and energy and put my heart in every step of the way, I choose letter A. Bow.

Lesson #4. Faith re-defines limitation. We define our limitation based on our fear and low self-esteem. But faith re-defines it. Aside from my faith in God, since I have religion, my faith within as human being tells me that all these hardship will end. That faith empowers me to go a step further and further and further to my limits. As I’ve said above “I can do trekking..” But faith re-defined it, now I say I CAN DO MOUNTAIN CLIMBING. I should have rephrased it to ‘now I can do mountain climbing during the night.’ Hahaha. Brave proud little girl here. 😀

  Nature-full view at the top surrounded my nearby mountains.

Remember, I was not the only one climbing, we are a team. You are not alone in your fight. You can choose to be in a network of non-quitting people or easy-quitting people.

I am not telling you to climb a mountain, I just want to share with you the awesome experience when doing something impossible or putting into reality something you thought difficult to execute. 

Faith and love for you,

Imma Daguman

*Mt. Marami is located at Maragondon, Cavite, Philippines.  

The Perks of a DIY travel

One of the challenges of a DIY travel is finding the most efficient way to your destination. Yes it is a challenge especially when you are in another country and you have to communicate with other people of different language. It is tiring yet fulfilling. Overcoming all the hassle and reaching your destination safely gives a great sense of fulfillment. Missing the train schedule and getting lost gives a lesson. So, it is like finding the seed of good in every adversity. An amazing-race like of catching trip schedules gives opportunity to interact with the locals making you more familiar and comfortable with the place.

We learn as we embrace the challenge.

In our Korean trip, we arrived at Incheon Int’l Airport. We have to get to Busan and we are not able to purchased as Korail Pass. Here goes the first challenge. We asked here and there, we asked him and her. I think we did good on it. We are able to discover the bus stop going to Busan. We still have like half an hour to buy a ticket and catch the last bus trip scheduled at 22:40 for 46,000 won.

We did it. Achieved!


That Thing about Koreans

Had a 5-day vacation in Korea with my sister and a friend of ours. It was my first time in Korea. Though my stay is short, there’s one thing about Koreans that I love.

What is that one thing about Koreans?

When we arrived at Inchon, I asked an adult man (who  was just passing by) about train schedule going to Busan. To my surprise, he stopped, think about our question and answer us the best way he could (with beginner’s English). Since he was not sure about his own answer, he put out his phone and did some research about it. Wow! A man who was just passing by spend his precious time and effort to help foreigners. We felt so grateful for the effort of helping us. 

That goodness was followed when we arrived at the bus station and transferring to a subway train, that was about past 4:00 in the morning. Another adult who smells Soju noticed that I was trying to figure out the direction to hotel. He approached me, I told him my query, he read hotel’s address, search online maps and call the hotel. When he was not able to contact the hotel, he called a certain hotline to confirm the hotel’s existence and telephone number. He dialed the number and talk to hotel staff. He asked the staff to pick us up. It’s like we spend 20-25 mins talking to hotel staff and researching for the place over his phone. He can speak limited english only and can see that he was having a hard time expressing himself. Despite the challenge, he did way way further than his best by bringing us to our hotel – which includes buying for our train tickets. We insist to pay back but he didn’t want to accept it.

Same warm and hospitable assistance of stopping, thinking, researching and leading us to the exact location happened in Seoul.  I’ ve met alot of helpful people during my travel but I never met people who will walk some meters, change route, buy ticket for tourist, carry my bag while leading the way, research online, call this and that contact and give me a high end mobile phone call somebody til I’ve been in Korea.

It is one thing about Koreans that I will never ever forget. I will never forget those very courteous and helpful Koreans – group of little Koreans boys, professionals, oldies, teenagers, passers by who seems to be going to school, party, or work.

Usually language barrier is one the causes why people do not interact or entertain tourists. But this is not the case in South Korea. I only visited Inchon, Busan, Jinhae and Seoul but this experience made me conclude that Koreans are one of the most helpful and courteous people on earth.

I therefore suggest to have South Korea in your travel bucket list.




Imma C. Daguman

The Convert’s Diary Part I

I was born with religion, a Roman Catholic – the dominating sect in the Philipppines. I was active in religious programs in school. Oh I’m always active in all kinds of school programs because I love battling with stage fright and developing the unbeatable confidence hiding inside me, I want to showcase the ideas and talents that only I know. Basically, thats it, I did these religious stuff for personal growth, spiritual growth is not included in the parameter. Anyways, thank you for those religious activities and festives by the way, I was able to shine with my talents, and was able to conquer my fear.

Anyways, I know there is God, He’s a unknown element existing above all these who made man and every bits of the earth exist. Thats stupid for some, the existence of unknown make known exists. Thats crazy weird thing. Yes I know for some you would think that way. But I can feel it, the existence, the miracle, the strength given by the unknown whom I called God.

Several times in my life, I got spiritually confused. I’m looking for a good cool bible-based religious sect/group. I tried reading and studying Protestantism, Hinduism, Buddhism, I’ve learned about Dalai Lama, Hare krishna, Mohammad, reincarnation, vegetarians,meditation etc etc. I was a Roman Catholic in paper but honestly do not have a fairly strong faith in it.

Days, weeks, and years passed I was spiritually imbalanced. Spiritually lame. I was praying, asking God, whoever He is, to give me a strong faith. A faith that will always remember Him in good and bad times, a faith which is strong enough to keep believing and not growling at Him – God. Yes I got mad to God. I dont know, I believe in Him but fight Him when my world is drowning in grievance and adversity. I question Him and complain why this and that happened????

Until.. At one point in my life I met a man. Then this is the start of a tragic love story that tested my faith and discover no more than a pure strong faith in God.

(Part II to follow)